Game Description

"Lumas" is an atmospheric action - adventure game.  You play as Alden, an orphaned young boy who after years of being forced to live underground, emerges only to discover he is the lone survivor of attacks on "The Stacked City".  Players will explore the city of Lumas, where mysterious creatures know as Grimm, have overrun the city.  Harness the power of light and manipulate energy with a makeshift device to combat the Grimm and restore power systems throughout the city.  Players must find a way to survive and escape the abandoned city to tell the outside world what has happen in Lumas.

Core Pillars


In every instance possible our goal is to have everything done in game.  From tutorials, story progression, to checking your map these are all things done while playing and there isn't a need to separate these out of the game world. There are no cut scenes, very limited to no HUD elements, everything is represented within the game.


Emotional Impact

Games have veered off in the direction of constant high octane action, we would like to focus more on the other end of the spectrum.  Through slower more deliberate pacing, tension building, environmental combat, or impactful game play sequences; Lumas will strive to standout with unique, impactful, and emotional game play.


Impactful game world interaction

The world will change as you change it.  There are many instances in the game where players can alter the game world.  This is not an on / off switch where a menial detail will change, but a real, game world reaction to the players actions.  An example of this is the canal section of the game.  There is no water left inside the city and when players open the intake pipes in another zone the canals will begin to fill causing new gameplay in an old area.  Another example of this is the trolly system throughout the game.  As players power trolly stations, trollies will begin to operate allowing player to fast travel between areas within the game.


Singular Resource

The core gameplay focuses around the singular "Power Cell" resource you obtain.  This is the only resource in the game and will not be upgraded or multiplied.  Players can manipulate the power cell with the device to change the world around them.  The focus here is the give and take of managing a truly important resource, your only resource, instead of managing countless menial resources.  Players will start and end the game with the same potential, increasing their skill and creative use of their limited resource over the course of the game.


Unique Art Style

In the coming years there will be a flood of PBR realistic games.  All modern game engines are moving closer and closer to CG realism.  This is not possible with a small team, so we think having a low poly stylized look is a much better fit for the project.  Not only will this help make the game stand out in the market place, but it's feasible for a small team.